‘Paranormal Activity 2’ has no scare

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By Javier Cabrera / Managing editor

By Javier Cabrera / Managing editor

Other than one scene near the end of the movie, I think “Paranormal Activity 2” was not as great as “Paranormal Activity,” but it is enjoyable for a good scare.

I was hoping to be frightened and scared to go to bed like how the first “Paranormal Activity” movie did to me a year ago. Instead I was disappointed with “Paranormal Activity 2,” because it failed to give me a nice little spook.

With a horrible ending, “Paranormal Activity 2” goes back two months from where “Paranormal Activity” begins and gives the answer to how the first movie comes to existents.

I was excited to watch “Paranormal Activity 2” after being impressed and afraid from the first film. But this movie did not have the same effect that “Paranormal Activity” had on me and many others who were disturbed by the frights last year.

The story begins when Katie’s (Katie Featherston,) sister, Kristi Rey (Sprague Grayden) arrives home with her husband Dan Rey (Brain Boland) and their newborn baby boy. The family is greeted at home by Kristi’s step-daughter, Ali Rey (Molly Ephraim) and house keeper, Martine (Vivis Cortez.)

The opening set seems like it will be a happy ending story with a newborn baby, but like in reality, there is no such thing as a happy ending.

When Katie makes frequent visits to the house, Kristi discusses the unexplained events that have been going on ever since she arrived home from the hospital. As the audience learned in the first movie, Katie said her sister and her would wake up to a shadow of a man standing at the edge of their bed.

Kristi brought that memory up in the conversation and Katie deflected the subjuct to discuss that matter and advised Kristi that it had nothing to do with it.

The paranormal activity that occurs throughout the movie was predictable by the majority of the audience and since most knew what was about to come; no one was frighten or nervous because everyone knew the paranormal activity was fake.

The loud sound effects in the IMAX Theater were the only reason why I jumped up from my seat a couple of times and pretending like my cell phone vibrated in my back pocket.    

I will give credit to Director Kip Williams for coming up with the cleaver paranormal activity that occurs throughout the movie, but after watching “Paranormal Activity” a year ago; I did not find the second movie as great as the first one because it was too predictable.

“Paranormal Activity 2” leads into “Paranormal Activity” near the ending and Micah (Micah Sloat) who dies at the end of the “Paranormal Activity,” makes several appearances with Katie.

“Paranormal Activity 2” can be confusing for someone who did not watch the first movie because this movie answers why the demon who haunts and later possesses Katie in “Paranormal Activity.”

This movie also gives the audience the reason why this family is haunted by a demon when Ali Rey does some self research to find out why the demon is attacking her family.

As like the first movie where it was cheap to produce, “Paranormal Activity 2” had a low production cost of $3 million, but the movie made $65 million in the first two weeks its been out.

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