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EDITORIAL: Law enforcement must be held accountable for Ernie Serrano’s death

By The Viewpoints Editorial Board “I can’t breathe.” Eric Garner in New York City, George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hector Arreola in Columbus, Georgia, Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin in Phoenix, Arizona, Rodney Brown in Cleveland, Ohio. Up to 70 people have said those words before dying in police custody, according to The New York Times.  And

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Opinion: America exploits minority population

By Samantha Bartholomew Four hundred years after the start of slavery in America, the so-called most powerful nation has still not addressed one of our country’s greatest atrocities. The fact that our country was built on the backs of brutally exploited slaves. It is a topic that The New York Times Magazine strived to take

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Editorial: Unreliable convenient news

When we talk about the mounting problems of our nation, each side of the political divide criticizes the other for more or less the same things. Lack of understanding and thought. However, as the country has soared deeper and deeper into the turmoil of political divide, the amount of Americans participating in such a careless

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