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Riverside Jazz Jam joins the community at Back to the Grind

by Imari Rede   A warm autumn night accompanied by live jazz and a warm cup of joe, what could be better than that? The first and third Friday of every month at Back to the Grind is dedicated to the Riverside Jazz Jam. Mikaela Elson is a former Riverside City College student who attends

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Local music to thrive at coffee shop

March 11 will bring a surge of local music to one of Riverside’s most popular entertainment spots

RCC students find local study spots

School has begun and RCC students have been studying all over town. From libraries to coffee shops, a lot of local areas are filled with hard workers that are determined to reach their goals. Studying locally gives students many opportunities and advantages for their education.

Downtown Riverside parties

Saturation Fest ends at Back to the Grind, hosts local Southern California bands Published: May 28,2015 | Posted: June 3, 2015 | Written by: Treva Flores In a world of technology with easy access to famous musicians such as Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift it can be pretty hard to become noticed. The Inland Empire

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Wend is more than just a starving artist

Michael Isberto | Staff Writer Oct. 16, 2014 Riverside native Geoff Gouveia is an artist to watch out for, but you won’t find any art pieces signed with that name. As an artist he goes by Wend, which means to proceed or to go in English. Inspired by a graffiti art show in 2010, Gouveia

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Conkerite calls on the community to make Back to the Grind ADA accessible

Photos and Article by Michael Isberto | Staff Writer Sept. 18, 2014 When small independent coffee shops flourish, they can be the gems of a city. Back to the Grind has thrived as one of the premiere coffee shops Riverside for the past 18 years in the heart of the city’s historic downtown area. Operating out

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Prospect House’s last ‘Back to the Summer’ show burns up Downtown

Valerie Osier | Interim Features Editor Aug. 25, 2014 A crowd of social misfits presses into the sweaty, dark basement of Back to the Grind in downtown Riverside on a muggy Wednesday night. Like most small time shows, the first band set up late, but Tijuana natives The End didn’t fail to get the 30

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