Finding a quiet place

Homework. Midterms. Finals. Studying. Many, if not all, students get the chills when thinking about additional work and time outside of class, especially for those with jobs, a family and a social life. Unfortunately, students cannot escape these tasks-these burdens-during their college experience.

Putting the pieces together

Born here in Riverside, RCC’s new basketball coach John Smith is “very happy to be here.” Smith graduated from J.W. North high school. He participated in many sports p r o g r a m s : b a s e b a l l , football, track and basketball, of course. He then moved on to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he played basketball and was injured.

Politicians beware:

A new generation of voters is coming of age in America and politicians ignore it at their peril. Generation Y (young people born between 1977 and 1995) is expected to be as large as the Baby Boomer generation, and when all are of voting age, could be as politically significant.

Shoestring Wonder

“Team America: World Police” is everything anyone could possibly expect a film from the makers of “South Park” to be. It is morbid, vulgar and has a complete lack of anything that could resemble political correctness and that’s why it has become a hit. The slight surprise the movie presents is that it is actually a mindless marionette musical with a handful of clever songs.