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Riverside Food Lab’s Soho Ramen offers great depth of flavor

by Samantha Bartholomew Soho Ramen is the first ramen restaurant for Dwayne Ciang and his aunt, Erin Kanggara, but they have worked at other Japanese restaurants. Kanggara tried ramen in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and China before coming up with a secret recipe that has provided a family-based foundation to the food

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Behind the curtains of RCC’s production of ‘The Crucible’

by Benjamin De Leon The program handed to you as you walk in the auditorium encompasses the deception and hysteria that are prominent throughout the production. The Crucible ran from November 8-10 at the Landis Auditorium found on campus. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, the play focuses on a group of girls found conjuring spirits in

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Family owned Indian cuisine, so close to home

By Imari Rede Representation is important. It makes people feel welcomed and secure in their own identities. Food is a big part of representation, especially for people who find themselves as minorities in the melting pot that is the United States. Masala Mischief offers unique Indian flavors from Kolkata, India. Most Indian food consumed at

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Faculty Association challenges trustee candidates

By Samantha Bartholomew With a little over two months before the Board of Trustees elections, the Riverside Community College District Faculty Association formally challenged the candidate designations of Brian Hawley and Sam Davis. “During (Davis’s) short tenure, which can easily be characterized as a complete disaster,” Rhonda Taube, RCCDFA president, said in an email. “Mr.

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Local music to thrive at coffee shop

March 11 will bring a surge of local music to one of Riverside’s most popular entertainment spots