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Media literacy affects younger generations and produces mass ignorance

By Diego Lomeli Social media, now more than ever, provides the predominant means of distributing news stories and public opinion. The invention of the smartphone, along with its convenience and timeliness, has made the public resort to one of the laziest methods of staying informed: mindlessly scrolling through a social media feed and accepting tainted

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RCCD police confirm two reported incidents involving a male suspect seen in a female restroom on campus

THIS JUST IN: A female victim alleged that a male suspect matching the description of a suspicious male from yesterday attempted to rape her in the 1st floor women’s restroom in the Math and Science building on Jan. 15 at approximately 10:30 a.m.

VIDEO: Riverside City College parking lot closed as construction begins

Riverside City College waited until the start of finals week to close Parking Lot B, located in front of the Math and Science building, due to the construction process on the students services building. The parking lot will be closed from Dec. 8, 2014 through April 2016.

Repairs are being made to fix problems caused by this week’s thunderstorm

James H. Williams | Managing Editor Aug. 22, 2014 Campus data and communication systems were affected by the thunderstorm that took place on Aug. 20. The storm disabled fire alarms on the campus of Riverside City College, the Rubidoux education annex and other Riverside Community College District offices located off the campus of RCC. An

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