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Riverside City College honors memory of Joe Anguiano

By Cheetara Piry The Riverside City College community remembers Joe Anguiano as a passionate, proud Chicano and a devoted family man. Anguiano, an English instructor, died Jan. 7. Anguiano received his master’s degree in Latin American and Chicano literature at Cal State Fullerton and bachelor’s degree in journalism at Cal State Los Angeles, going on

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Chef Maria Sanjurjo-Casado teaches with skills from her Peruvian heritage

By Benjamin De Leon Behind every culinary masterpiece there lies a story of cultural heritage, Riverside City College Chef Maria Sanjurjo-Casado proves it time and time again with her contribution to the Culinary Academy on Market Street. Growing up in Iquitos, Peru, Sanjurjo-Casado would always watch her mother bake and cook but it wasn’t  until

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Tio’s Tacos artist uses scraps to create immersive art for his local Mexican restaurant

By Sayeda Ghazanfar Fascinating figures filled with discarded propane tanks and empty bleach cartons tower above you in a terrifying allure, drawing you in with outstretched arms. A gigantic skeleton rides a bicycle to your left, greeting you with a sinister smile. Up ahead, a massive teepee made entirely out of recycled bottles and concrete

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26 years of top hats, Victorian gowns, wit and wisdom at the annual Riverside Dickens Festival

By Adriana Lopez The annual Dickens Festival took over downtown Riverside on Feb. 23 and 24. The festival’s driving force, Carolyn Grant and Joan Patton, believed Riverside was in need of an event that promoted literacy and Dickens Festival would serve as the vessel. In 1992 the festival came to fruition and was held downtown.

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2016 development plans in the State of the City address

“Riverside residents beamed with pride as city leaders discussed past challenges and the recent economic and cultural growth of the city at the 39th State of the City address, delivered by Mayor William “Rusty” Bailey.”

Editorial: 10 year window for rape prosecution

But what happens when a rape victim is abused, and is unaware that they can seek justice for what has happened to them? The statute of limitations prevents victims from the choice to seek justice, if they do not come forward and report the abuse within the established 10 years.