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Riverside City College tests Webadvisor’s updated registration system

By Patrick Tindall   Riverside City College is debuting an update to its outdated class registration system. Touted as “an algorithmic-based student academic planning software for colleges and universities” is the long-awaited update for RCC’s WebAdvisor platform which was clunky, non-user-friendly and difficult to understand which classes were useful to a student’s academic goals. Business,

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Media literacy affects younger generations and produces mass ignorance

By Diego Lomeli Social media, now more than ever, provides the predominant means of distributing news stories and public opinion. The invention of the smartphone, along with its convenience and timeliness, has made the public resort to one of the laziest methods of staying informed: mindlessly scrolling through a social media feed and accepting tainted

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Tech tips for the modern college student

By Seth Barlow Gone are the days of dictionaries and thesauruses now that everybody has a cellphone in their pocket. Apps are not only helpful in day-to-day tasks, they are essential to school work. Viewpoints selected the best apps for school whether it be for passing exams, self-help or anything else that falls in between.

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Career Center, Career Technical Education to hold March Mixer


Riverside City College’s Career and Technical Education Department and Career Center will be holding a mixer on March 16 from 5-6 p.m.

The event will be held on the lower campus in front of Technology Building A. Counseling, financial aid, career and transfer center, as well as health services will be available to answer student’s questions.