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Chew The Clock Podcast Ep 24 – The stories coming out plus guest star Mathew Acosta

Peter is back and wants to give an update on what the Viewpoints staff has been up to for recent sports stories. Then, Viewpoints assistant photography editor Mathew Acosta joins the show to give his perspective on the sweep of the RCC baseball team. After that, Hayden Kulick joins to talk shop.

FEATURE: Chicana combines culture and crepes

While there are plenty of locations that serve crepes, P.S. I Crepe You located on Magnolia Ave. has now become a designated crepe spot.

The owner Patricia Rodallegas was born and raised in Orange County before moving to the Inland Empire with her brother shortly after the passing of her mother at the age of 14.

Rodallegas is a Riverside City College alumni who ultimately stepped out to become a realtor.

Rodallegas isn’t new to the food industry. Before getting her real estate license in 2017, she served in many different restaurants.

Her restaurant experience is what ultimately led her to pursue her own business.

FEATURE: RCC’s Plant Club provides a close knit community that helps students grow

The sun beams down on you as the smell of plants and vegetation fills the air. Hands-on gardening opens up various opportunities to learn more about the world of botany from experienced people in the field.

A community that is close knit and there to help you grow is what perfectly defines Riverside City Colleges’s Plant Club.

Wheelock Stadium renovations continue

The Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Riverside Community College District discussed the football field and track renovation project May 2.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities, Planning and Development Hussain Agah and Interim Vice President of Business Services Danny Villanueva provided information on the current status of the renovation via presentation and what is still needed to be completed.

“The field had many structural and draining issues, so the field became unusable,” Villanueva said. “The renovation of the field itself is a result of modernization updates and safety that needed to be done.”

The turf material, water drainages and bleacher seating started to...

EDITORIAL: College not for everyone

In grade school, college is presented as the only successful option for students after graduation. College, as in, a four-year university.

Educating young students in college is important but the grade school approach is too extreme. From kindergarten to senior year, we were raised to think attending a prestigious school was the only option to be successful. It’s not.

The idea of...

OPINION: Safety concerns impede ability to learn

Riverside City College’s administration needs to wake up.

RCC has been my home campus for the last two years. During my time here, I have never received any information on how to properly handle a lockdown situation.

In high school I had multiple drills, infographics and resources available to me about threats we could face. Especially a school shooting. I was prepared, but that was two years ago. The April 18 lockdown made me aware of how badly our school has safety protocols in order.

OPINION: Unattainable expectations lead to lack of self-worth

Sometimes we as women have forgotten that our inner voice serves a greater purpose to us then the ones outside.

My appearance and worth have been questioned by male family figures. I forgot who I was because I sought their validation, I cared too much about my family’s opinion of me.

My siblings and I were taught the importance and value of going to church. However, I was especially taught that my appearance was important, to “impress God.”

The church and my faith put pressure on us...
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