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Good morning! Meanwhile we are busy producing our upcoming issue with the newest Viewpoints staff, check out some photos taken over the summer by our volunteer staff. Keep an eye on our social media for the latest campus updates and news until our print edition makes it's debut Sept. 15!

The Inland Empire has welcomed a Chicano art museum, The Cheech, in Downtown Riverside

Here are photos from the press conference that was held at a special opening for the museum June 16 taken by our photo editor, Stephen Day.

DSC04796 - Field Wide
RCC will be playing their 2022 regular season home games at Ramona High School’s stadium in Riverside, CA.
Playoff games would be hosted at a college facility.
According to RCC Athletics Director Payton Williams, an outside vendor conducted a review of the field early in the fall last year.
“They ran various tests and provided the results to the college,” Williams said. “Based on those results, college leadership decided to halt football competition at the field.”
Teams and scheduled classes can still use the field and track, so long as they are used safely.

Our interim managing editor and social media manager John Michael Guerrero talks gun violence controversy

OPINION: SCOTUS, Congress puts lives at risk

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade on June 24, ending 49 years of federally protected abortion rights for people. Yet, gun violence continues to rise steeply within the United States.
The holiday proved to be yet another chance for even more innocent lives to be lost following various shootings during Independence Day celebrations last month in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Virginia. This would continue to be followed by an ongoing string of shootings across the nation. The most recent incidents being various shootings and robberies at half a dozen 7-Elevens across Southern California. According to Pew Research, gun violence has risen from roughly seven active shootings in the early 2000 years to at least 30 active shootings per year. Regardless of political standing, if the Supreme Court wanted to protect lives, it would have tackled a more pressing issue within the country.

Take a look at the campus crime log, put together for you by our Editor-in-Chief Jennipher Vasquez


The crime log for Riverside City College is a report of arrests, vandalism, automobile theft and several other offenses that took place between June and July on or around campus. The information was provided by RCCD Police records clerk Tiffany Kretzmeier.
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