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Happy Thanksgiving Break. Here are some stories from our newest issue that you might have missed



Gallery: 35th annual Greater Palm Springs Pride



The untold history buried under Dodger Stadium

This is the first part of a series on Dodger Stadium’s effects.

Children and grandchildren of displaced residents from Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop, which is now home to Dodgers Stadium, are pushing to get the story right.

The residents’ descendants created Buried Under the Blue, an organization that is working to shed light and preserve the history of what occurred on May 9, 1959. On that day, brutal evictions took place in the three communities that now lie beneath Dodger Stadium — also known as “Black Friday.”

The organization is also looking to change Black Friday’s narrative.

Colorado Water Series


Part III: Nothing happens without water

This article is part three of the series about California’s growing water crisis. Read more here.

Manifest Destiny, the Gold Rush, epic natural disasters — California seizes every opportunity to move heaven and Earth in the name of progress.

As a result, California is a leading agricultural producer, a major manufacturing center, the most populated state in the country and the world’s eighth-largest economy.

But nothing happens without water. California’s water resources support 35 million people and irrigate more than 5.68 million acres of farmland.


6×6 Theater 07: “American Crime Story: Impeachment,” “Spencer,” “Clifford The Big Red Dog”
Join Tim and Will as they discuss Monica Lewinsky, Diana Spencer, and a giant red puppy!

RS Cover Art
Rerun Shuffle 12: ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ 2×18- “Reese Cooks”
Leo and Tim talk about an early episode of a somewhat under-discussed sitcom from the early 2000s: Malcolm in the Middle. Will it hold up or should we toss it into the fire? Tune in to find out!
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