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As we prepare for our next issue, we invite you to read some more stories from our previous issue.

The following stories from our past issue include RCC's plan to combat anti-Black racism, a proposed state amendment that aims to remove any legality for forced labor from the California constitution, our photo editor's experience at Yosemite Valley, high school coaches' opinions on season crossovers and a citrus disease ravaging the orange industry in Riverside. Read the full issue.

WandaVision: A creative but uneven ride

The link between an obscure '80s oddity and one of Disney's best hit shows

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PODCAST: Do you request elaboration on WandaVision? Tim Nacey is here to help! We’ll get deep into the nuts and bolts of Marvel Studios’ first big push in the world of small screen entertainment and as an added “bonus” we’ll take a look at the 1988 family fantasy film A Night at the Magic Castle (which may or may not have a surprising connection to WandaVision). Nobody talks about this movie. Is that for good reason? We’ll find out this week on the Pop Culture Grab Bag.

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What is Riverside City College doing to combat anti-Black racism?

The college is implementing a 10-point plan developed at San Diego State University

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NEWS: Riverside City College launched a campaign to combat anti-Black racism in its education system after the death of George Floyd last year.

Its plan includes revisiting the history of anti-Blackness, racism in campus culture, strengthening outreach to Black students and a number of other strategies in the effort to eliminate ongoing discrimination, improve success rates and create an anti-racist campus.

See what RCC administrators, instructors and students had to say about the plan.

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Proposed amendment aims to remove any legal basis for slavery from California Constitution

Riverside County organizations seek support as others oppose it heavily

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NEWS: A proposed amendment to the state constitution known as ACA 3 has been a topic of debate in Riverside County. The Board of Supervisors has removed a resolution in support of the amendment from its agenda three times this year, arguing it needs further review.

Proponents say it aims to completely remove the legality of forced labor in the state, which is still allowed as punishment for crime. Opponents have come out in full force during public comment at board meetings. (This story first ran in Black Voice News)

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Citrus disease cripples local agricultural sales

Infectious bacteria spreads malignancy in Riverside orange groves

NEWS: A citrus psyllid known as HLB spread epidemically in Riverside long before COVID-19. Some citrus groves have been in quarantine for years, causing a steep decline in sales for local growers. The disease that causes greening, bitterness and all-around malignancy has farmers in the area worried.

They may not be able to get back to selling their fruit any time soon.

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The elusive 'Firefall' returns to Yosemite Valley

Viewpoints' photo editor finally captures the shot that escaped him last year

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LIFE: Angel Peña took the six-hour drive north to Yosemite Valley last year for the opportunity to capture one of the national park's most marvelous sights. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different plans.

He spent the time since preparing for a rematch, learning the ins-and-outs of the park, upgrading equipment and strengthening his mind for his second chance.

This time, the long road trip was not in vain.

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High school coaches forecast healthy crossover

The quick jump from cross country to track shouldn't be too stressful, they say

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SPORTS: High school runners in Riverside will not have much time between the end of the cross country season and the beginning of the track and field season, both of which occur this month.

Their training schedules have suffered inconsistencies for the past year, but coaches and medical professionals are hopeful for the athletes' health.

The short length of the seasons, they said, poses a minimal risk of injury.

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