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It's finals week!

Which means we unfortunately have to say goodbye to our editor-in-chief and some of our staff members. Below you will find a goodbye letter written by Erik Galicia himself, followed by a podcast interview where Galicia talks about his time at Riverside City College and Viewpoints in detail. We also have a story about the drive-thru graduation that was hosted for the class of 2021 and a review of Disney's latest live-action movie "Cruella."

If you haven't read it yet, make sure you check out our final issue of the academic year.

Viewpoints editor-in-chief says goodbye, off to Mizzou

The Santa Ana native overcomes the odds and says goodbye to the program that showed him his love for the art of journalism

NEWS: I’ve always said my introduction to journalism happened by chance. I did not have much going on in life when I decided to register for the Introduction to Journalism course in the spring of 2019. Although I had never considered a career in journalism, it sounded kind of interesting.

Our now retired adviser Allan Lovelace would take students to our dusty little newsroom on the first day of class and encourage them to join our college’s nearly 100-year-old newspaper.

“I guess I’ll give it a shot,” I told myself.

I fell in love in a matter of weeks. Now I’m starting to believe it was fate.
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The Viewpoints Network presents: An interview with Erik Galicia

Erik Galicia, sits down with host of "The Popculture Grab Bag" Tim Nacey to talk in depth about his experience and growth at Viewpoints

NEWS: Erik Galicia reflects about his journey in Viewpoints, from his first experience going out in the field to becoming the editor-in-chief.

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RCC celebrates difficult academic year with drive-thru graduation

Faculty and family cheered on the graduates as they exited their vehicles and walked toward the pop-up tents to take a photo with the president and district chancellors

News: Students honked their horns and twirled orange and black pom poms to celebrate their graduation at Riverside City College’s first drive-thru ceremony.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic did not allow for the class of 2020 and 2021 to attend a traditional commencement ceremony, students still lined up inside of their cars in a steady flow to receive their diplomas.

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Disney's 'Cruella' has too much bite but not enough bark

Although the movie is ambitious enough to attempt to make its iconic villain likeable, it fails to commit and feels like a mixed bag

LIFE: Walt Disney Pictures’ latest live-action adventure might very well be the most ambitious movie ever made.

It takes one of the studio’s most iconic villains, one whose main goal is to kill and skin a group of dalmatian puppies, and attempts to make her likeable. Whether or not they succeed in this is debatable but I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: that’s a pretty big swing.

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