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Before anything else, we would like to apologize to our loyal audience for not sending out the weekly newsletter last Sunday.
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You can find a variety of stories within the newsletter. This includes Riverside City College football team's devastating loss to Golden West College, a three-day procession held for a fallen hero and our editorial board's thoughts on the Texas' anti-abortion law. We also have some reviews and our latest article in our ongoing "History of Viewpoints" series.

The links to all of these stories are down below. Also, don't forget to check out our latest issue here.

SPORTS: RCC suffers first loss since 2018

Tigers lose to Golden West College 37-20 and break their 16-game winning streak

SPORTS: During their second home game, the 2021 Tigers looked nothing like the 2019 version of themselves as the team got beat handily on both sides of the ball.

The Riverside City College team lost for the first time on its home turf since Nov. 24, 2018 in the California Community College Athletic Association Southern California Football Association Championship game against Ventura College.

“We’re not the 2019, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 team, we’re the 21 team,” RCC football coach Tom Craft said after tonight’s loss. “We have to understand that this is how we’re going to do things and we have to own it as players.”

NEWS: Community mourns home-town hero

Three-day procession in Coachella Valley honors Marine who died in Kabul attack

NEWS: A homemade flag made by Army and Air Force veteran Brian Gray is left standing at the Palm Desert Sheriff Station.

The flag reads “Hunter Lopez 9/21” in honor of United States Marine Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez of Indio, who was among the 13 American service members killed during a terrorist attack near the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan on Aug. 26.

“I found a piece of wood and some material from JoAnn’s that has the Marine Corps symbols and Semper Fi all over it,” Gray said. “I just made a flag out of it and wrote ‘no greater honor is given than a man who gives his life for his fellow man.’ ”

EDITORIAL: Texas law opens a can of worms

Abortion bill circumvents constitution and could allow other states to follow lead

EDITORIAL: The “heartbeat” bill has opened a can of worms that could potentially lead any state to enlist bounty hunters in order to circumvent the Constitution.

Texas’ new abortion law, Senate Bill 8 or S.B.8, incentivizes their citizens to open a civil lawsuit against anybody who assists a person who receives an abortion after six weeks. If the plaintiff’s lawsuit is successful, they will be awarded a minimum of $10,000 as well as costs and attorney’s fees.

Also, the law does not protect the defendant from being taken to court multiple times over the same abortion case but states that the money can only be collected once.

Arts & Entertainment:

"WarioWare: Get it Together!" review

A&E: Over a 60-second period in “WarioWare: Get It Together,” you may find yourself chasing a toilet through a series of caves, flying through a shoebox in an attempt to avoid being grabbed by Wario or tweezing the armpit hair from a sentient Greek statue.

The setup for a “WarioWare” game is simple: Mario’s rival has started a game development studio but doesn’t have the follow-through to make an entire cohesive game.

Arts & Entertainment:

Amazon's rendition of Cinderella is a flop

A&E: We all know the story.

Long ago in a kingdom far far away, a beautiful young woman becomes a slave to her evil stepmother and ugly stepsisters after losing her loving father. She escapes her deplorable situation because of a glass slipper, a handsome prince and, of course, her fairy godmother.

However, Amazon’s adaptation of the classic fairy tale starring Camila Cabello is obnoxious and forgettable.
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