Editorial: Grand jury stumps the Trump

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Trump’s indictment will test the democracy of this country.

Donald Trump, the 45th and former United States President was indicted by a Manhattan Grand Jury on a count of 34 felonies on March 30. Less than a week later Trump surrendered and was arrested on April 4.

Tuesday set a historic precedent, something we thought we would never see: Trump being held accountable for his actions.

As young students we want to see a country that will put a stop to corruption. 

He pleaded not guilty for 34 felonies under a New York Statute falsifying business records to cover up negative and payoffs interfering with the 2016 election.

The biggest and most historic of the charges made is paying off porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to cover up their relationship that would ruin his chances of being elected into office. Hush money.

This is not the first time we witnessed our president commit a crime.

If Trump is found guilty of these felonies, which even then is unlikely he will not be incarcerated at all. This does not exclude him from the next presidential election. If condemned he could serve a life sentence. However, experts say he won’t face jail time because he is a first time offender. 

When we think of the people elected into government we think of power. With power comes the mentality of, “I can do what I please.”

Politics and corruption go hand in hand.

The money and power feeds the ego and allows it to take over as the main motive rather than supporting and making decisions for all.

Although Trump’s indictment is finally an opportunity to show justice on a corrupt politician, his tactics to run for president are still possible. It’s possible because he still has a huge number of supporters ready to vote for a man that commits adultery and lies to get ahead.

At the end of the day we can’t trust our vote. We vote to have someone protect our future and for someone to set an example to younger generations. 

Politics in America has gained a reputation of always having something hidden in the dark. 

Let’s face it, Trump may be a former president but holding such position only boosted his sense of entitlement. He received “respect” because he was the face of this country. He was “the man.”

If this wasn’t Trump, would the American citizen be treated the same?

That’s easy to answer: No.

We would see anyone else without his status being handcuffed and dragged down to court. We would see almost immediate justice. Trump should be prosecuted and treated like any other American.

This will not be the last of our fight. Our fight for a non-corrupt political world where we can trust who is in charge, where we can trust our vote.

 If anything, this is just the start.

Since there is nothing in the Constitution that states that convicted felons can or can not run for president. The chances of him being president are still here. It would be a nightmare to go back to the Trump era. 

Once again the Constitution fails in the modern world. 

When the Constitution was made over 200 years ago, there were no pay offs, no consequences for corrupt action. But now there is. We have legal systems in place. We have rules and regulations that Trump violated as clearly as a spring day.

So as American citizens we can sit back and hope that Manhattan’s District Attorney can convict him and hope that it ruins his chances and lowers his support. 

How can we get to a point where corruption does not get into office? We create, teach and elect people determined to better America for all, not just themselves.

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One thought on “Editorial: Grand jury stumps the Trump

  1. This article is an embarrassment to your publication. It is fraught with mistakes and inaccuracies. The authors bias is felt throughout her poorly written fiction. One need only to see the artists picture accompanying this article, before ever reading a word, to realize what side of the political spectrum this author was leaning. The fact that there are numerous instances of untruths pertaining to the legal charges President Trump faces, makes me think that the author is purposefully lying or is being willingly ignorant. Do better as a publication, please. Your words have power and therefore should be wielded responsibly. Don’t give a platform to those who seek to create or stoke division by stating untruths and lies. Thank you.

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