Brother trio plays memorable stage

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By: Angie Escalante

Climbing their way up in rock music charts and playing in sold-out venues was no easy feat for Palaye Royale, despite previously living in a car while trying to make a name for themselves. 

The three brother, Canadian-American rock band who are known for their glam-rock style that has earned each of them their own moniker: Remington ‘The Vampire’ Leith (vocalist), Emerson ‘The Pirate’ Barrett (drummer) and Sebastian ‘The Gentleman’ Danzig (guitarist).

The band performed at the Hollywood Palladium on Nov. 6 for their “Fever Dream” world tour, titled after their fourth album.

Opening artists included Starbenders, carolesdaughter, Phem and Mod Sun. Each opening act performed at least four songs.

Following Mod Sun’s performance, an orchestral and almost eerie ambiance filled the theater. A red glow came down and fog rolled out as the audience welcomed Palaye Royale to the stage.

Palaye kicked off its set with a confetti blast and a passionate performance of the song “Nightmares” from its third album “The Bastards.”

The LA performance was the trio’s first show since their newest album released on Oct. 28 and was also the last show in North America for awhile.

Danzig spoke about how performing at the Palladium meant a lot to the band and that they’re grateful to everyone who worked on the album with them. He shouted out love to the fans.

The band had an extended period of silence during their performance of the song that put them under the spotlight, “Mr. Doctor Man,” followed by Leith counting down the beat drop and fans started a mosh pit.

Unfortunately, later in the show a fan in the audience passed out in the  middle of the “Paranoid,” performance to which Leith quickly responded, signaling the band to stop playing and asked the crowd to open up while calling for security.

After the fan had been safely wheeled out of the audience, Leith scanned over the crowd asking if everyone else was alright, “I may be wearing eyeliner but safety first!”

While the band cares about the safety of their fans, the vocalist continuously puts his own safety on the line as he’s infamously known for climbing whatever he sees fit during a show. 

Some of his most notable incidents happened at Jones Beach Theater, NY when he jumped off stage, into the ocean on Aug. 28 and in Scotland  on Jan. 25, 2019 where he was forcefully yanked down by security while he waved at fans from the balcony

The Palladium show was no exception as the frontman ran off stage, up the stairs that led to the VIP balcony and pressed through fans as he made his way to the ledge and waved.

The band brought out guest Laura Pergolizzi, professionally known as LP, during “Line it up,” which she is featured in.

Toward the end of the show Leith sat at a piano for a rendition of their current most popular song “Lonely,” before the rest of the band joined him. 

The 28-year-old has previously mentioned that “Lonely” is a song close to his heart as it is composed about the abuse he suffered and the intense feeling of solitude he experienced, it is also the first song he directed a music video for.

The show concluded with a moving performance of the title track “Fever Dream” where confetti cannons shot out during the final chorus and fans screamed the lyrics. 

The sound of drums faded out as Leith raised his hand and belted out the final “So close your eyes, just say ‘Goodnight,’” while Danzig and Barrett made their way to the front to stand together.

Danzig waved at the fans and Barrett tossed roses out into the audience, both later blowing kisses at everyone.

“Thank you Los Angeles, we are Palaye Royale!” Leith yelled out before giving a final bow.

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