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Volleyball continues losing streak

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By Luis Trejo

The Riverside City College Women’s volleyball team was outmatched by Orange Coast College, losing the match 3-0 and extending their losing streak to four games.

The Tigers struggled to put points on the board as the Pirates refused to let the ball go over the net, holding RCC to just 29 points through the first two sets.

“Our communication was great,” sophomore left back Mya Castro said. “We missed a lot of our serve receive passes, that’s something we need to work on.”

On both offense and defense, the Pirates were too much for the Tigers, outsourcing them 50-29 through the first two sets.

“We need to work on our blocking,” she said. “No more confusion, there’s a lot of confusion on the court.”

The Tigers were able to shift the momentum late in the third set by closing the gap and keeping the game close. With teammates on and off the court motivating and pushing them to keep going. However, it wasn’t enough as Orange Coast closed the door on them winning the set 25-23.

“We need to work hard and keep pushing through, even when we are tired,” freshmen outside hitter Jada Cottom said. “We need to play like we’re undefeated, and have nothing to lose.”

Early in the game offense and defense were struggling to work as a team which often led them to making mistakes and giving up points which hurt them as the game progressed.

“We want to be consistent with passing,” second-year head coach Clara Lowden said. “They get better every game, Eventually the wins will start coming in.”

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