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Inland Empire welcomes Chicano museum

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By Elaina Kleven

Many flock to the downtown area of Riverside California to see Cheech Marin’s newest project, The Cheech Marin Center for Chicno Art & Culture (The Cheech) . In partnership with Riverside Art Museum (RAM) , The Cheech experience starts next door to the Mission Inn, taking the place of Riverside’s old public library. The pieces are organized throughout the museum all based around a common theme of Chicano culture. 

Marin has his own perspectives scattered throughout the museum. Art that Cheech has collected himself is paired with a QR code, leading to specific videos and summaries of the background of the art and its significance to Cheech. 

As not all experiences with a culture are the same for every person, the museum’s art all shared the unique and different stories to those visiting. Legendary stories passed down from family members to one’s modern experiences, The Cheech truly covers an umbrella of perspectives on what it means to be Chicano in the modern age.

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