Campus Conversations: Riverside City College students were asked about how they think the upcoming 2022 elections may affect the state of California’s future

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Interviews and photos by Alexandra Ugale Filarca

Question: How will the upcoming elections affect California’s future?

“When it comes down to voting, it really all depends on us whether we choose to vote or not. I feel like (voting) is getting more and more irrelevant (because) a lot of people don’t really care about what happens in our country.”

-Jessica Rodriguez
Major: English

“I guess it could either go in a really good direction or (bad if) people feel like women (are) losing a lot of rights. (It) depends on who gets elected.”

-Marissa Acosta
Major: Nursing

“With all of the decisions that the Supreme Court has been making lately, (the) people’s reactions to these elections show where the entire nation is heading. If more young people go out to vote, then we’ll probably head in, what studies show, (a) more progressive way. Hopefully, we can change some of the things that have been put into action. I feel like we kinda stopped caring or stopped fighting for our rights at this point (and) it can kind of end badly for us.”

-Rita Barajas
Major: Visual arts

“Each state has different laws that are passed. Some California laws are passed that are not passed in Texas and Connecticut, so it depends on who gets voted (in). Those laws can get changed or not, so I guess that’s the main factor (and) impact of voting.”

-Alejandro Ordonez Ceballos
Major: Visual arts

“Depending on what (is being referred) to in the voting ballots, I believe they’ll change depending on who’s voting as well in their agreements.”

-Melissa Vargas
Major: Sociology

“It can change in many ways, I’d say. It can change not just for safety but (for) how everyone would react, especially with everything that’s going on right now, like the gun policies. It’s really upsetting and unsettling, especially right now. Not a lot of people are thinking about the community that’s already been through a lot. We’re just bickering at one another instead of sitting down (discussing issues like) bearing the right to arms and abortion. If there was something to change, it would be that we all settle down and talk about what’s most important, which is safety. Other countries see (the United States) as a dangerous country to be in because (there is) not a lot of justice. How are we supposed to understand (who) we’re voting for, when we’re not even understanding each other as a community?”

-Johana Delatorre
Major: Biology

“By voting, you can make a big change. A lot of people don’t vote, and when (they) see the results, (they) get mad at it but don’t make any changes (to it). Just by voting, you can make a huge change. Go out and vote.”

-Stacy Urias
Major: Spanish

“I’m not entirely sure how it will go. It depends on what will come out of it.”

-Aaron Padilla
Major: Fine arts

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