Riverside City College football spring training begins, resumes championship pursuit

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By Leroy Orozco

After overcoming a great deal of adversity this past season, the Tigers’ football team fought their way to the state championship game. However, their dream to repeat as state champions came 20 yards short of becoming reality.

It was not the ending the Tigers desired, but with a burning passion, they have attacked this spring with everything they have. 

As spring football has gone underway, the football team gathered for the start of their redemption journey.

One of the main features of this spring is the competition for the starting quarterback role. Currently, there are three quarterbacks fighting to succeed last year’s Jordan Barton to lead the offense.

Of the three quarterbacks, Jake Retzlaff arrived at Riverside City College from Golden West and aims to be the one to take the starting spot this fall.

“They’re all kind of different, but I think the main thing is competitiveness and they’re all pretty good at that,” quarterbacks coach Ian Fieber said. “No matter who is chosen to be the starting quarterback, they’ll do everything they can to ensure success.”

On the other side of the ball, there are several defensive sophomore players who are eager to compete.

 Defensive end Talib Salahuddin is one of many sophomore players who expects more out of himself and his teammates.

“Looking at last season, we need to come together more,” Salahuddin said. “The more we play together, the easier it’ll be to win games.” 

Salahuddin aspires to achieve All-State honors and record double-digit sacks all while working to acquire a division one scholarship.

The expectation is set, and has been for multiple decades. All that’s left for the team now is to fulfill that expectation and win the state championship.

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