Spring break ideas for college students

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By Laura Bautista

Relaxing things to do during spring break.

Spring break is here at Riverside City College and students have a week away from their studies. 

With the free time available for one week, what is there to do? This list, even though it is just simple activities, helps in big ways. 

Here are five things you can do during the break.

  1. Go for a walk.

Walking, especially during the cool weather, does wonders for our physical and mental health. Walking outside helps burn calories, boost immune function and help reduce negative moods, according to “What Are the Benefits of Walking?” from healthline.com. Whether it is at the park or even in the neighborhood, take the time to walk and enjoy the spring day.

  1. Do some spring cleaning.

Being busy with studying gives hardly any time to do a deep cleaning in our homes. Listening to music while cleaning and organizing will make for a fun and relaxing experience.

  1. Do some gardening.

Springtime is the perfect time to plant fruits, vegetables and flowers. Primroses and daffodils are in season and the weather is perfect to start growing tomatoes and strawberries.

Find a nice area outside and start filling your backyard with colorful plants.

  1. Read a book.  

Reading a book helps reduce stress, improves language skills, enhances empathy and boosts creativity and flexibility, according to an article titled “6 Scientific Reasons You Should Be Reading More” on mentalfloss.com,

Go down to the local library and pick out any fiction or nonfiction book.

  1. Just lay on the grass underneath the shade.

The weather outside is perfect right now. So go outside and lay on the cool grass, underneath a shade, just to take a nap or watch the clouds. Take the free time and enjoy what Mother Nature gave us.

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