Rerun Shuffle 17: ‘Psych’ 04×04 — “The Devil’s In The Details…And In The Upstairs Bedroom”

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Disclaimer: In an attempt to lessen our workloads, we have pre-recorded some Rerun Shuffle episodes. This particular episode was recorded on February 24, 2022.

Episode description

This week Leo and Tim discuss USA’s mystery-comedy Psych with an episode that takes a look at the Catholic church. Does it hold up? Join us to find out!

Content/Trigger warning: Suicide, mention of police brutality/shootings

Time stamps

00:00:00-00:01:13 Intro
00:01:13-0:12:20 What Are We Watching?
0:12:20-0:17:27 Background on Psych
0:17:27-1:25:57 The Devil’s In The Details Recap
1:25:57-1:27:01 Outro


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