Riverside City College Tigers battle No. 11 Orange Coast College Pirates

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By Jair Ramirez

The Tigers were blocking the net constantly and covering a lot of floor while leading mitost of the way before falling 24-26.
“The first set was good, we played real hard,” RCC coach Clara Lowden said.
Freshman Maggie Aburto was leading the way with seven kills until she had to leave the match due to possible injury.
RCC never regained its composure and eventually fell in straight sets, losing its fourth straight game.
“We just fully lost our energy, our momentum,” freshman Ashley Elias-Romero said. “We started off super strong and I think the loss hit us a little harder than we expected.”
The Tigers lost the next two sets 16-25 and 15-25 as the Pirates offense overwhelmed RCC.
“We fought in the beginning pretty hard, we tried to carry that out the rest of the game,” sophomore Keeley Hober said. “But unfortunately we lost our momentum a little bit, but we’ll get it back for our next game.”
Hober was the leading scorer with 8.5 points and six kills.
RCC is 1-4 in the Orange Empire Conference and 4-7 overall.
“We’re showing we can hang with anybody in this league and that we just got to go out and play like this,” Lowden said.

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