Field of View 06: RCC’s Football Woes Feat. Mya Castro

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Episode Description

Jesus and Brian are back with a special episode of the Field of View podcast. In the news scrum the guys talk about a busy sports week. The MLB playoffs begin this week, Brian and Jesus give their thoughts on who could win the World Series this season. While in NASCAR, a rain-shortened race provides a first time winner and the playoff standings get shaken up. Coverage of week four of the NFL continues, F1 announces a new race for this season.

In the RCC Round-Up, the women’s cross country team was back on the podium, while the men’s team just missed out on the podium. The RCC water polo teams had a strong showing but did not get the hoped-for result this week, while the women’s volleyball team faced a similar outcome. The football team was back on the road at College of the Canyons in a losing effort, the guys talk about what went wrong this week.

Jesus and Brian were joined by a special guest classmate and RCC volleyball player Mya Castro joined them for some questions.  Mya talks about the current season, the athletic transfer processes, difficulties faced with the current pandemic, and many more topics.


0:08: Intro

1:50: News Scrum

16:34: RCC Round-up

29:52: RCC Viewpoints Ad

30:04: Back from break

30:49: Mya Castro Interview

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