RERUN SHUFFLE 05: The Twilight Zone 2×06 -“Eye of the Beholder”

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Rerun Shuffle travels through another dimension for episode five. That dimension is in “The Twilight Zone’s” acclaimed “Eye of the Beholder.” Tim Nacey and Leo Cabral explore an uncanny world that maintains a high beauty standard that reflects a grotesque facade back to the viewer.

Patient Janet Tyler, finds herself in the hospital with bandages covering her face, hoping her latest, and final, procedure has succeeded in making her look “normal like everybody else.” This is her last chance to fit in, or else… 

Our co-hosts get into why this particular episode has a lasting first impression and how many people can relate to Miss Janet Tyler.

Content/Trigger warning: Mention of transphobia, trans misogyny, fascism

0:00-2:40 — Intros!

2:40-15:20 — What Are We Watching?

15:20-23:26 — “The Twilight Zone” and background

23:26-52:13 — Episode discussion/Recap

52:13-1:08:35 — How does it hold up?

1:08:35-1:11:11 — Outro!

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