ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Survive’ satisfies fans despite not being the best

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(Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)
By Stephanie Arenas

New York-based hardcore punk band Show Me The Body has once again satisfied fans with their new EP “Survive.”

Inspired by the sounds of hip hop and noise rock, Show Me The Body has released two albums and four EPs to date.

The newest addition “Survive” was released March 19, and so far, has been given nothing but positive reviews from their fan base.

While the EP itself pleased many who had a listen, it is only three songs long, and runs a little under ten minutes, which is definitely not enough for an avid fan.

The EP begins with the song “Rubberband,” a fun little ditty that begins at an almost slow pace. However, as the song progresses, the beat picks up and leaves you head banging by the end. 

It is not just the instrumental that leaves the fans wanting more, but the lyrics feel relatable as well.

“Rubberband” paints a picture of a man who is aching for the meaning of life. The man feels as though there is no point to living if life is just filled with pain and loss;  feeling that most teens and young adults may find themselves in.

The second song of the EP is “People on TV.” While a catchy tune, it is by far the least memorable.The song in itself is only three minutes long but feels as though it drags on. Definitely one of the weaker songs by the band. 

The final song of the EP is “Survive,” a tune that I strongly believe to be the best on the album.

This song has  energetic instrumentals, passionate vocals and strong lyrics: all the elements that diehard fans so desperately crave from the band.

While the other songs were definitely groovy and thrashing in their own way, it felt as though there was still something missing. But  everything about “Survive” feels complete.

Overall, I give the album a strong seven and a half out of ten. There is definitely some heart in these songs but it still feels as though the band could have given more.

While the EP feels incomplete, it is still a pretty decent album. Perhaps something that one could play in the background while finishing up chores, but other than that, it for sure is not the group’s best work.

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