Pop Culture Grab Bag: Witches, Magicians, Wandavision (Spoilers)

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Rerun Shuffle 04: Frasier 04×18 – "Ham Radio" The Viewpoints Network

In this week’s episode, Tim Nacey and Leo Cabral laugh at and stress over Season 4 Episode 18 of “Frasier” in “Ham Radio” where titular (and apprehensive) character Frasier Crane decides to write and direct an old-fashioned radio show called “Nightmare Inn.” Leo and Tim discuss how the jabs and stereotypes of certain marginalized groups in “Frasier” are a swing and a miss, the stress behind radio production and comedic writing and acting. Listen in, and get ready to hit “shuffle” on comfort TV. Content/trigger warning: addressing homophobia and racism Timecodes 0:00- 1:46 Intros! 1:46- 18:12 What Are We Watching? 18:12- 1:10:42 “Frasier”/Episode Discussion 1:10:42-1:13:38 Outro!
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