SERIES REVIEW: ‘The Innocents’ is underrated

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“The Innocents” stars Sorcha Groundsell (June) and Percelle Ascott (Harry). The Netflix series debuted in 2018. (Photo courtesy of Netflix).
By Ashley Hayner

Craving a new series to watch on Netflix but feeling like you’ve watched everything twice over at this point?

Netflix has a great way of helping viewers to watch certain movies of interest by displaying the compatibility rating in the top left corner. 

This symbolizes that the movie you are previewing is similar to movies previously watched. The strategy helps to cut movie searching in half, while also curving movies with lower ratings, if any rating is displayed at all. 

With number persuasion, a person is more likely to pick the movie with the higher rating, as opposed to lower. However, in doing so, viewers run the risk of missing out on underrated movies and shows that don’t get enough credit. The series “The Innocents” is one of them. 

Created by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric, the suspenseful psychological thriller is a story about a boy named Harry and his girlfriend June. 

Both teens have had enough living under their parents’ roof and obeying their strict rules. Harry is the designated caretaker for his sick father and June is on complete lock down from the rest of the world. 

Frustrated with being held back from enjoying life, both teens, who are deeply in love, plan their escape to live happily ever after. After Harry successfully scores a car and both teens sneak out of the house unnoticed, he and June finally feel free. They speed out of town, drive for hours and then make a rest stop. 

Harry and June encounter a nettle situation. Not only do their parents want to find them, but someone else does as well. 

Throughout the chase, Harry quickly learns that June is far from ordinary.  In fact, June is so special that she shape-shifts. Shape shifting is being able to transform yourself into a different person through the mind. After being told for many years that she was sick with epilepsy, she discovers much more. 

Now understanding that she has a supernatural power, a mad scientist is eager to get his hands wrapped around her brain. Other unfortunate events unbeknown to Harry and June pose obstacles as they try to free themselves from what they once thought was the worst living situation ever. 

Now regretting their decision, they must get away alive so they can be together in peace. But with so many people wanting the opposite, this goal is hard to come by. 

Watch how lies and deceit have a whirlwind of ways of showing what lies beneath. June unravels secrets as she learns how to make use of her new talent. But is it a talent or a cure? You be the judge.

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