Five fall flicks to watch with the family

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Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a classic Disney movie and was released in 1993. (Image courtesy of Helgi Halldórsson | Wikimedia Commons)
By Justin Yoth

Nothing to watch on Netflix or any other platform? 

Well, as we approach winter, there are some phenomenal family-friendly movies that provide us with the ambient, nostalgic taste of the seasons of autumn and winter. 

At least one of the movies on this list brings us back in time to a moment of ease, and I am sure that watching some of these can take our minds off the devastating events we have witnessed this year. 

“Ghostbusters” (1984)

“Ghostbusters” engages the audience with supernatural effects, along with a team that strives to catch ghosts with vacuum-like tools. 

Along with catching ghosts, having special tools and being an odd bunch, it is a cheesy, spooky movie to watch at night during the cooler months. 

Filmed in the ’80s, it has a nostalgic feel to it, leaving viewers amused and engaged. The stage effects used in creating the movie series were phenomenal.

The theme song rings bells of popular culture and brings back childhood memories: Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters. 

The fanbase feels a strong attachment to the identity and preservation of the valued film, as with all others which are fundamentally based on an intriguing story outline. 

So don’t forget to get your Ghost Proton Robo-Buster Pack and relax with all the free spirits trekking within your homes.

“Coraline” (2009) 

Coraline, a young girl, moves into a mysterious mansion, encountering all the vintage styles and a mysterious “little door” that holds the basis of how the story will develop. 

Within the little door comes a mirroring world with excitement and wonders for any children — and there lurks a calculating witch. 

The majority of the movie revolves around this and a family-based predicament Coraline has with her parents’ neglect and uneasiness. 

This movie is perfect for family bonding and gives off a seasonal vibe that we all can enjoy at any time.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993) 

Leading up to the festive season, this Disney classic is undoubtedly something for the family to enjoy.

Many of us remember the famous chorus: “This is Halloween / This is Halloween.” 

Funny yet engaging, the animation styles in this film are otherworldly and add to the Halloween spooky effect. 

Filmmaker Tim Burton produces and voice-acts in many of these types of movies, which have made him a giant in the industry. His animating and voice-acting style adds to these fall animated films.

The animation styles display a stark difference between this movie and other Disney films, such as the princess classics, “The Lion King” and so on. I believe this is what makes it feel extraordinarily intriguing.

“Twitches” (2005) 

Witches and magic? Sounds like the perfect recipe for a fall movie.

This film stars Tia and Tamera Mowry, features cool magical effects and displays a splash of diversity in the world of films. The characters go through an initial encounter at a store. From there, they take on some ways of trying to really understand each other.

Their birth was of powerful parents whom they had to separate from due to an encroaching “darkness” consuming their dimension. 

With the use of special magic tricks and effects, it combines the world of magic, wizardry and just two young girls: twins who accidentally find their true purpose. 

It is a perfect movie to sit back, relax and eat popcorn to while not having to remain entirely focused.

“The Craft” (1996)

Yes, another witch movie. It’s never too late to explore witchcraft and character development — even if it is November.

An unparalleled group made of four women with a crave for revenge, magic and power, this crew is the most formidable and should perhaps be the most feared. 

While still in high school, feelings stir and become a developing issue throughout this film. There are no spoilers here so watch the film to find out more.

The defiance of cultural norms is what makes this movie so interesting and adrenaline-inducing for some. 

All of these five movies have a thought-provoking effect, especially after watching them multiple times. With their developing themes, coming-of-age narratives, spookiness and overall cultural experience, there is no doubt that you will like at least one of these films.

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