Editorial: Voting is especially crucial this election

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were an estimated 245.5 million adults in the country in November 2016, but only 136.8 million voted. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)
By The Viewpoints Editorial Board

Statistically, the 18-24 age group has been the least active in voting since 1964. 

According to a 2014 U.S. Census Bureau report, America’s youngest voters have moved toward less engagement over time. Voting rates among the 18-24 age group dropped from 50.9% in 1964 to 38% in 2012.

The numbers have fluctuated over the past few elections, but it is crucial that young adults take initiative in order to become represented in America’s current social climate.

The sociopolitical climate that arose during the last few years makes voter input for the 2020 election pivotal in determining the outcome of political events in the next four years. 

The Black Lives Matter protests seen this year are just a few indicators of the deeply rooted social issues that the younger generations are facing. 

The Trump Administration has opted for provocative measures, rather than productive responses, to tackle these issues. The president has not provided inclusiveness on the American stage. His administration’s handling of COVID-19 has resulted in massive unemployment rates and avoidable deaths. 

Americans are infuriated, but they must take that fury into the voting booth.

Voter disengagement numbers are strikingly high. That needs to change during this election, or the activism of the year will lose its effectiveness.

Millennials and Generation Z have shown how important this election is to them and how they want to take control of their future. 

This important turn of interest in politics in young voters is going to play an essential role in how this year’s elections will turn out. 

With the increase of young voters, many states that have historically voted for a certain party are now swing states, which has made this year’s election anyone’s game.

However, if this age group does not take the initiative to participate in the November presidential election, then the status quo may continue to persist, and those that do not take serious action will be complacent, whether or not they disapprove of the current state of affairs. 

If one decides not to vote, regardless of the age range, it can pose serious consequences for the upcoming four years of presidency.

Apart from the presidency, in California there is much else at stake. Propositions on affirmative action, school funding and ending cash bail are all on the ballot. Many of the issues young people have been fighting for are up for grabs. 

The fight for the future is here now.

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