Opinion: There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public

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Image courtesy of Pixabay.com
By Keyshonna Simmons

Mothers breastfeeding in public is a topic known to spark arguments. 

Some say mothers should be ashamed of themselves for feeding their babies in public. But there is nothing wrong with mothers feeding their baby out in public whether they are covered up or not. Children should not have to go hungry because a few people are complaining about a mother being a mother and feeding her child. 

The uptight complainers contradict themselves. If mothers feed their children in public, they are bad mothers. If they don’t and their children cry, then they are bad mothers.

My cousin, a mother of one, breastfeeds her daughter in public at times. It causes me no discomfort because there is nothing wrong with it. It is simply natural.. 

She chooses to cover up. But if it is a 100 degree day, a mother should not have to cover up when feeding her child in public. 

Mothers should not feel condemned for performing their motherly duties.

I myself am not a mother. But I have seen a few people stare in disgust and disappointment when my cousin is feeding her daughter. I can only imagine how she feels. The stares are uncalled for and quite disrespectful.

 If it bothers you, do not stare. 

It is a mother’s job to tend to her child in whatever way the child needs at any given moment, whether it’s changing them, playing with them or feeding them. It shouldn’t be a problem that a mother is feeding her child out in public, but yet it is. 

The main concern should be over the perverts in public who prey on women and children, not over a woman’s breasts.

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