Local boxing prospect dies in Moreno Valley

Danny Gonzalez, left, holds up a contract with Floyd Mayweather Jr., right. Floyd signed Gonzalez in 2018. (Image courtesy of Instagram)
By Lesly Gonzalez

Labor day is supposed to be a day of festivities, barbecues and gatherings with family and friends. 

This year it resulted in the murder of up-and-coming boxer Danny Gonzalez. Gonzalez, along with two minors, was shot in Moreno Valley the night of Sept. 7. He died at 22 years old.

“He was very humble, always greeting everyone and helping any way he possibly could,” said Gonzalez’s aunt Lucero Chavez, who was around the boxer his entire life. “Loved his close ones dearly. His goodbyes always ended with ‘I love you.’”

Gonzalez trained at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy in Riverside. According to an IfTV interview, he played soccer as a child, but his father told him he was not very good and put him in the boxing gym at age 10 because he was aggressive and always trying to fight. 

He began boxing at the national level during his first year as a fighter. His accomplishments only continued to grow from there. Gonzalez signed with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2018, becoming part of “The Money Team” at just 18 years old.

Mayweather, along with Mauricio Sulaiman, World Boxing Council president, and many others sent their condolences to the young boxer’s family via social media.

Gonzalez was loved by many in the community.

Mary Marcrum, a friend of Gonzalez since their days at Badger Springs Middle School in Moreno Valley, described him as a sweet and uplifting friend. 

“If he noticed that you were upset or having a rough day, he would not leave until he saw a genuine smile on your face,” Marcrum said. “He was definitely the class clown. No matter what mood you were in, you could always get a good laugh from him. He was one of those people you would love having around.”

 Three suspects have been arrested and charged.

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