Five albums to listen to while under quarantine

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By Stephanie Arenas

As important as it is for the public to remain indoors right now, it can be quite tedious to those who feel the need for entertainment.

Fortunately with music services such as Spotify and iTunes, we are able to entertain ourselves with albums old and new.

Here are five albums you should listen to while under quarantine.

Robert Smith of The Cure live in Singapore Aug. 1, 2007. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Robert Smith of The Cure live in Singapore Aug. 1, 2007. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The Cure’s ‘Pornography’

“Pornography,” released in 1982, is the fourth studio album released by British goth rock band The Cure.

Whether you are having a dreadful day or simply find yourself awake in the middle of the night and unable to fall asleep, “Pornography” is the type of album to relieve you of all your worries.

The band had hit a fork in the road at the time of the album’s recording. Intending to break the band up after the release of this album, lead singer Robert Smith belted his heart out one last time.

You can hear the hopelessness and misery in Smith’s voice as he serenades his soul into each song.

If you are interested in a more melancholic and gothic sound, this is the album for you.

Personal favorite: “The Hanging Garden”

Illustration by Julian Navarro.

Swan’s ‘Filth’

“Filth,” released in 1983, is the debut studio album for the American noise rock band Swans.

The sound might lead you to realize that there was nothing like it in its time.

It’s loud, destructive, rigid and so much more.

Its lyrics reference heavy topics: corruption, rape and abuse of power. Issues that many artists at the time wouldn’t even dream of singing about.

Swans were ahead of their time and unfortunately did not see any critical praise until decades after the release of “Filth.”

“Filth” is the type of album that needs to be listened to in its uninterrupted entirety in order to feel its full effect. It demands its listener’s undivided attention from the beginning and delivers a melancholic ambiance by the end.

Personal favorite: “Right Wrong”

Fugazi’s ‘The Argument’

Any of Fugazi’s albums are worthy of play because they are all phenomenal in their own way but if you have to pick one, pick “The Argument.”

Released in 2001, “The Argument” would go on to be Fugazi’s sixth and final album before their break up in 2003.

Many bands tend to lose their touch over time. Fugazi is one of the few exceptions. They grew as artists and expanded in a more experimental direction without losing their roots.

The album’s lyrics, such as, “And inside, I know I’m broken / But I’m working as far as you can see,” truly capture what Fugazi stood for and have stuck with me to this day.

If you are interested in listening to a more experimental and artistic style, Fugazi is the band for you.

This album alone features songs that are heavy, slow or somewhere in between so there is something for everyone.

If you had to choose only one album, I would highly recommend this one because, in my opinion, it is the best album on this list.

Personal favorite: Every song is tremendous in its own way but “Life and Limb” stands above the rest.

Surfing’s ‘Deep Fantasy’

Surfing is an Australian vaporwave band formed in 2011.

Released in 2012, “Deep Fantasy” exudes a pleasant ambiance that immerses you in a dreary world as you delve deeper into the album.

If you want to feel as though you are taking a trip to the beach then this is the album for you.

This album is perfect to listen to when you feel the need to calm those quarantine nerves.

Personal favorite: “Your Touch”

King Krule live at Rebel Aug. 29, 2018. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

King Krule’s ‘The Ooz’

Released in 2017, “The Ooz” incorporates elements from genres such as R&B, punk rock, jazz and so much more.

If you are simply seeking some background music while working on homework or a last minute essay, then this is the album for you. 

“The Ooz” is a little over an hour long but is worth a listen as it brings a thrilling atmosphere from beginning to end.

Relaxing and tranquilizing even in its heavier songs, “The Ooz” is the perfect album if you are looking for a more diverse track listing.

Personal favorite: “The Locomotive”

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