Three anime to binge watch while under quarantine

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By Daniel Hernandez

Even though staying inside during the pandemic is important, it can also be a bit boring.

Television and streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu can definitely help keep you busy throughout the day but it can be hard to choose something to watch from their enormous catalog of shows. When you do find something to watch, you might end up viewing the whole show in one sitting and you feel unsatisfied or wanting more.

Luckily for you, a new season of anime is starting where new episodes are coming out every week so you have something to look forward to during these tough times.

‘Love is War’

A great anime to look forward to is season two of “Love is War.” 

“Love is War” is a romantic comedy that follows the story of the President, Miyuki Shirogane and the Vice President, Kaguya Shinomiya, of the Student Council of a very elite and prestigious high school.

 Both of these characters are madly in love with one another but both refuse to reveal their true feelings to the other out of sheer pride. Therefore, because neither one wants to admit that they have feelings for the other, they devise plans that will undoubtedly force the other to fold and admit that he/she likes him/her.

The first scene of the anime portrays love, not as a beautiful part of life, but as a war where the person who falls in love loses. When it comes to love, there is a distinct power dynamic where the person who confesses becomes exploited while the other exploits.

Of course love does not actually work like this but this is an ideology that both characters live by and this idea is what creates the conflict and comedy within the story.

The first season does an amazing job at portraying these encounters between the characters as a “battle between geniuses” where both characters are calculating hundreds of possible solutions that will guide them to victory. However, these “battles” also help Miyuki and Kaguya’s relationship grow stronger through each episode eventually leading to an incredibly satisfying final episode.

The last episode does leave off on a cliffhanger of sorts but with season two set to air April 11 you will not have to wait long to see how their story progresses.

If the premise does not impress you within the first 12 minutes of the show, then it just is not for you.


“My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” or “Oregairu” is a story about Hachiman, a self proclaimed “proud loner” who actively avoids social interactions at his high school and is considered broken by his teachers.

One of his teachers forces him to join the “Service Club”, a club dedicated to help and offer advice to the other students, which is run by another loner Yukino Yukinoshita.

Together, Hachiman and Yukino work together, alongside another girl named Yui, to solve requests from the other students while Hachiman begins to slowly learn what true happiness is.

However, because of Hachiman’s loner background and cynical point of view, his way of solving the situation can be seen as very radical and harsh compared to what people expect. This causes conflict and tension between every character in the story.

The story itself is a critique on the facades that the students at the high school put up to be able to fit into their roles. “Oregairu” presents this critique by expressing the psychology behind every action and thought of the characters presented on screen.

If you do decide to watch this anime, do not be surprised by the change of art style between seasons one and two. The project was passed down to a different production company between seasons and that is the main cause for the different look. Luckily, the change in companies did not compromise the story and season two is just as good as the first.

However, unlike “Love is War,” “Oregairu” season two ends on a very emotional and painful note, where all three main characters decide that they need to face a truth that has been slowly tearing apart the club members.

The first episode beautifully expresses the message of the story and if it does not appeal to you after that, then it just is not for you.

Unfortunately, season 3 was set to air on April 9 but was recently postponed until further notice.

‘Tower of God’

If you aren’t looking for a rom-com or shows that take place in a classroom setting, then “Tower of God” is for you.

“Tower of God” takes place in a mysterious tower that can basically grant you the power of God, according to the first episode. The only way you can acquire this power though is by completing all of the tests and reaching the top.

The first scene depicts a girl named Rachel, who is determined to enter the tower, being chased by the main character Bam who is begging for her to change her mind. Rachel refuses to stop her journey and is then taken inside to an unknown area. Baam, who only wishes to be by Rachel’s side, goes in after her to save her only to be confronted by a series of challenges.

From there, the story does get a bit confusing but only because the show is currently on its second episode with more soon to come in the following weeks. However, in its first two episodes, the show does an amazing job at depicting how dangerous the tower is and how far people are willing to go for the power of God.

Another aspect of the show that is incredible is its animation design. The anime is beautifully animated with a very unique style that just feels like a comic book or manga come to life.

This show is currently airing its first season so it is not something you can binge watch like the other two. However, the show is adapted from a highly popular Webtoon, a website that allows anybody to create and upload their own stories. So if you are craving to read ahead of the show, there are already about three seasons worth of free content on the site.

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