Album Review: PartyNextDoor’s ‘PARTYMOBILE’

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By: Saida Maalin 

Highly talented singer and songwriter PartyNextDoor released “PARTYMOBILE,”  a long awaited album.

Although he blessed fans with the EP “Seven Days” in 2017, which he made in seven days, it has been four years since Party dropped a studio album.

Fans have patiently waited and highly anticipated the project to be dropped at the beginning of 2020. During this unexpected quarantine due to COVID-19, many artists have decided to release their albums to influence fans to stay home by giving them something to listen to.

Party tweeted a phone number March 22 so fans could preview the album in advance to its release on March 27.

The only difference between this album and his previous one is that he has switched up the title and it is not in sequence with PartyNextDoor 2 and PartyNextDoor3. Sonically, he still gives us the slightly autotuned yet melodic PartyNextDoor R&B vibe that he has in past projects.

The album has 15 tracks with appearances from a couple renowned artists. Drake is featured on “Loyal,” which was the first song released to fans before the full album. Track 15 is the remix of “Loyal,” which features Latin artist Bad Bunny.

Fans were expecting to hear Rihanna since Party confirmed while live streaming Fortnite that she may be featured on the album. “Believe it” is the first recorded song since 2017 that Rihanna has done. The song had twitter in a frenzy. Rihanna’s navy took to the platform to curate memes in association with the singer making the song the most standout of the album with just a few words.

The internet has a funny way of playing detective. After some began analyzing the songs, many began linking track 14, “Savage Anthem,” to R&B singer-songwriter Kehlani, who happens to be Party’s ex. Drama between the two dates back to 2016, when Kehlani began dating NBA player Kyrie Irving.

Party took to Instagram with a cryptic post of a photo in bed with Kehlani’s noticeably tattooed hand. This led to cheating rumors that made Kehlani attempt to take her own life back in 2016 which she spoke about in an Essence magazine interview.

Lyrics suggested the song was about Kehlani because he references Oakland, the city she is from. A line from the song says, “I heard number two is your man now,” which fans say refers to Kyrie’s Cleveland Cavaliers jersey number.

Kehlani took to Twitter to post a response to a fan that was soon deleted.

“This is a true story about smelling the OTHER woman thus confirming the cheating,” Kehlani said on twitter.

Party has yet to comment, leaving fans to continue speculating on their own.

According to Hits Daily Double, “PARTYMOBILE” has brought in activity of 52,237 streams ending the week April 2 with 3,061 in album sales.

Listeners can stream “PartyMobile” and its entirety on music platforms like AppleMusic, Youtube, Spotify and Tidal.

Illustration by Julian Navarro | Viewpoints
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