Movie Review: Reboot of “Fantasy Island” turns into a nightmare

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By Silda Martinez

Who remembers the corny shows we were forced to watch in the 70s, thought it ended there? Unfortunately it didn’t. 

  Apparently director Jeff Wadlow thought it was a good idea to give the 70s show “Fantasy Island” it’s own spin off movie. Sure enough it was a terrible idea. 

Fantasy Island was a T.V. show back in the 70s, the show being about the island owner Mr. Roarke making all his island guest fantasies coming true. However like any corny 70s drama show, their fantasies would soon enough turn into living nightmares. 

The spin off movie of course being a replica of the show, but more so a Walmart version of it. 

Starting off with terrible acting, to the childish Gory scenes and scare scenes incorporated throughout the movie. 

Main actors Lucy Hale and Micheal Peña made it really hard for the audience to get drawn into the suspensefulness of the movie. 

Micheal Peña plays the role of  Mr. Roarke, he delivers this role in a very boring way, he seems so monotone the entire time, the times he’s supposed to be stern and serious are just plain boring, I could even do a better acting job. 

Lucy Hale, playing one of the guests on the island with the fantasy of torturing her childhood bully, delivers a performance where well ,lets just say it definitely doesn’t deserve an oscar. The parts she is supposed to deliver a position filled with fear she simply doesn’t. 

These actors clearly lack passion and really believe the role they play, at least that’s something they really were able to replicate from the original show. 

The gore that they tried to put in the movie went as far as the island workers having this odd black goo dripping from their eyes when they were hurt. Besides the fact that the goo looked like a 2nd graders slime, it wasn’t very spooky nor convincing. 

The scenes that were meant to be scary weren’t quite scary at all,  I’d classify them more as cheap thrills. Each fantasy was directed more like a seperate movie, making it hard to follow each fantasy and to focus.

For whoever wished that shows from the 70s would come back, please be careful what you wish for, because then we get spin off movies like Fantasy Island.

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