Should it be a requirement for presidential candidates to release their tax return information in order to run for the presidency?

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Interviews and photographs by Jonathan Ramirez
Correction, in the Nov. 28 print edition of Campus Conversations there was a misprint with the wrong question. This article contains the correct version.

Omar Mondragon

“If the IRS can come to anyone and ask, ‘hey! I want your tax forms’ or to keep track of it to begin with. They have a say in receiving that information then there’s no excuse that the president would not have to do that just because he is the president.”

-Omar Mondragon

Jose Ruiz

“Presidents have always released their taxes and I guess if they pass a bill then it wouldn’t be exactly wrong to do it. Since people (candidates) have done this for years, decades even. I have to release my tax information for schools and whatnot, so it’s a requirement for me. Why shouldn’t it be a requirement to be in office?”

-Jose Ruiz

Jaden Gonzalez

“Yes, because it’s just sorta fair. I know that presidents are on a certain hierarchy, but it would be for us to be able to see what’s going on.”

-Jaden Gonzalez

Ana Figueroa

“No, for privacy reasons. It is no one’s business what you do with your money.”

-Ana Figueroa

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