Day: November 19, 2019

Riverside domestic violence survivors speak out

By Leana Padilla Healthy relationships are based on equality, respect, love, partnership and communication, while abusive relationships are based of power, control and manipulation. Relationships are hard as is, it only gets harder when you get involved in an abusive relationship. The problem with people being in an abusive relationship is that they do not

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ALLY Social sparks discussion at the Riverside Food Lab

By Leo Cabral Riverside City College’s ALLIES hosted a social to find support and discuss action to bring visibility to LGBTQ+ people on campus. RCC’s website describes an ally as “a visible member of the Riverside Community College District community (staff, faculty or students) who is willing to provide a safe haven and an empathetic

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Riverside City College led march to bring awareness to end domestic violence

By Leo Cabral Riverside City College’s Student Health and Psychological Services led a crowd of students on a march through campus to bring awareness to sexual and domestic violence. On Nov. 6 RCC’s first Take Back the Night event opened with a speech from Elizabeth Ayala of the Women’s Foundation of California outside the MLK

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