Associated Students of Riverside City College Hold Annual Pumpkin Carving Bash

The annual Riverside City College Pumpkin Carving Bash hosted by ASRCC was a graveyard smash.

All the clubs that participated include: Above and Beyond, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Animal Alliance, Art Club, Astronomy Club, K Culture Club, Law Society Club, Overflow, Students Orchestrating Change Club, Table Top Enthusiast, Ujima and Universal Gaming Club. This spooky event took place at the Aguilar Patio next to the cafeteria.

Since the moment that the students heard the word “go” they instantly began to show their creative prowess on behalf of their club.

Some students brought extra items to add to their own pumpkins to look like characters from Alice in Wonderland like the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter to unique characters of their own.

Students had over an hour to complete their carvings before the judges would announce the winners of this years Pumpkin Carving Bash which were Ujima in first place, Overflow Club in second place, and Art Club in third place.

The second and third place winners walked away with skull trophies while the first place winner walked away with bags of candy and a gold skull trophy.

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