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How do Riverside City College students feel about the planning and registration program EDUNAV?

Adria Hernandez 

“The registration is a little confusing and a bit overbearing. I just don’t understand a lot of it especially being a first year.”

Emily Ming 

“I was kind of confused because I didn’t really know what it was. I kind of had to figure it out myself, I didn’t have anyone to help me other then a couple of people I could ask and that’s kind of how I got around it.”

Veronica Navarro 

“It was really helpful because at first when I got here I didn’t really know what to do but the online orientation was also really helpful. ”

Brianna Cash 

“It was really helpful to have some  guidance in the right direction, the online orientation was really helpful.”

Seth Bondi 

“I feel like it has definitely helped me work towards my goal and my major to show me how to transfer my units. It helps me on what I plan on taking, it is a goal setting thing so it’s really helpful. I feel like the orientation didn’t help. I skipped through it but it wouldn’t of helped me any more or any less.”

Richard Guzman 

“I hate it. I missed my registration by 2 days so I had to come to talk to someone and they told me I would be able to register but  then I go home and it still doesn’t let me register. I didn’t even get a video registration. The old way was so much better. I wish we could change the registration dates back instead of doing that semester before thing. I don’t like this whole thing that you have to register now for fall. I feel like by that time your schedule is set in stone.”

Naomie Guzman 

“I haven’t really seen it, but I’ve been hearing that it is harder to register for classes, I guess it blanks out saying that you are on a class when you were actually put on the waitlist. There’s that kind of confusion, but that’s what I heard, I haven’t really tried it.”

Benjamin Heiser

“At first, when I did it, I noticed how the people that didn’t use EDUNAV were registering, and mine just looked so much easier. It wasn’t too hard to register for the classes because it would give you a big list of all your classes and it would give you the days the time on those days and you can see if it conflicts with another class. I almost accidentally signed up for a class for Norco until it asked if I was sure I wanted to register there.”

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