NEWS BRIEF: 7/8/2019

An intense earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 rocked Ridgecrest, a Mojave Desert town,  on Friday night leaving structural damage and injuries in its wake. It has become the largest earthquake in two decades. 

The earthquake was centered roughly 11 miles northeast of Ridgecrest, nearly the same area as Thursday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Although numerous structural damages and injuries have been reported, there has been no report on a single death in the area due to the earthquake.

Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist at the Geological Survey,  has reclassified the earthquake during the Fourth of July as a foreshock since the magnitude of Friday night’s earthquake was much higher. 

Gavin Newsom, California Governor, told a news conference held in Ridgecrest that he had just spoke to President Donald Trump about seeking a emergency declaration as the desert town braces for incoming foreshocks. 

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