Day: March 7, 2019

City Council candidate Philip Falcone hopes to create a better future for Riverside residents

The young candidate hopes his previous accomplishments and knowledge will gain him the ability to seek change and create a better future for the cities development of affordable housing, the resolvement of the cities infrastructure and maintaining the focus on historic preservation.

Editorial: Measles outbreak due to falsified information spreads

  Vaccinations have become a topic of intense, unnecessary debate that has taken away from the main point: vaccinations save lives. A popular, and dangerous, myth about vaccinations is that they cause autism. This idea originated in 1998 when a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield claimed he found a link between autism and the MMR

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Riverside City College tests Webadvisor’s updated registration system

By Patrick Tindall   Riverside City College is debuting an update to its outdated class registration system. Touted as “an algorithmic-based student academic planning software for colleges and universities” is the long-awaited update for RCC’s WebAdvisor platform which was clunky, non-user-friendly and difficult to understand which classes were useful to a student’s academic goals. Business,

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Opinion: In the case of Jussie Smollet, violent crimes are called into questioning

By Patrick Tindall Life as an LGBTQ person is difficult, life as an LGBTQ person of color is even more difficult. LGBTQ people constantly have to dodge homophobia and LGBTQ people of color also have to avoid the ever-present second issue of racism. Neither of which are mutually exclusive to the other and both are

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Media literacy affects younger generations and produces mass ignorance

By Diego Lomeli Social media, now more than ever, provides the predominant means of distributing news stories and public opinion. The invention of the smartphone, along with its convenience and timeliness, has made the public resort to one of the laziest methods of staying informed: mindlessly scrolling through a social media feed and accepting tainted

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