Disgaea 1 Complete

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By Seth Barlow


From Nippon Ichi Software Japan and NIS Software America comes a new action adventure role-playing game, “Disgaea 1 Complete.”

“Disgaea 1 Complete” tells the twisted story of Laharl, the son of the former Netherland Overlord, as he rises to become the next Overlord.

Although the story is entertaining and fun, the highlight of this game is the game play.

This game is a strategy role playing game with some overwhelming game mechanics but despite this, “Complete” offers an excellent strategy experience for hardcore fans of the genre.

One of this game’s highlights is the atmosphere that is set in place by the art and the music, both of which go hand-in-hand to deliver players a great gaming experience.

The characters were illustrated as to best fit their personality, for example the character Flonne was drawn wearing light colors and simple clothing to represent her kind, innocent personality.

The actual game play is a little more difficult to describe than the tone.

Seeing as how many of the mechanics and tools are available at the beginning of the game could intimidate new players as many of the game’s various systems can be seen as overwhelming at first.

Despite the confusion, it does get easier to understand the main aspects of the game after the first few levels.

Although the game plays well, the biggest issue I found was the in-game cursor that can be seen on screen during battles. Due to the game’s angled display, the cursor controls on both the joystick and the d-pad feel slightly off.

While the complexity of the game was easy to figure out with time, the issue with the cursor felt present throughout the entire play through.

A good thing to keep in mind is that this is a game that will take at least forty hours to finish the story and an upwards of 100 hours for completionists.

Not only do players have to individually select each character to act, they execute certain skills, such as attacking and defending, only once per round.

Despite complex battle systems and difficult maneuverability, “Complete” is a rich game play experience that offers hours of strategic play time.

Whether that is your type of game or not, “Complete” offers enough content for all types players to have an amazing experience.

“Disgaea 1 Complete” is available to play right now for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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