Rapper dies at 26, students react

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By Jordan Murillo

Performing artist and producer Mac Miller was found dead in his Studio City home from an apparent overdose Sept. 7. He was 26 years old.

Students at Riverside City College have reacted to the news in a multitude of ways.

“I was a huge fan of his,” RCC student Ariana Cortez said. “His music was so positive. I was very sad to hear of his passing.”

“He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans. Thank you for your prayers,” Miller’s family said in a statement.

Miller, born as Malcolm James McCormick in 1992, had publicly struggled with substance abuse throughout his career. He discussed his addiction issues in the past including his dependence on lean, a combination of codeine and promethazine.

“Mac shouldn’t be a temporary topic, we need to be more aware of our struggles,” RCC student Janet Abzakh said.

Miller first came into the hip-hop scene when he began rapping under the alias EZ Mac at 14 years old.

By 2010 he’d become known as Mac Miller and signed with Rostrum Records.

One of his earliest hits, “Donald Trump,” from his 2011 album “Blue Slide Park,” led to a feud between Miller and the now president.

In an interview with Vulture Magazine, Miller discussed his struggles with mental health and substance abuse issues.

“I really wouldn’t want just happiness, and I don’t want just sadness either, I want to be able to have good days and bad days,” said Miller.

His final album, “Swimming” was released Aug. 3 and became his most critically acclaimed album to date.

The album contained lyrics that discussed both sobriety and his recent DUI.

“The signs were in front of us in his lyrics,” RCC student Gerald Arrienda said. “Another artist short but his music lives on.”

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