Movie Review: Survival requires silence

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By Daniel Quesada


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Nothing can be more  terrifying than the thought that breaking utter silence can get you killed.

The film “A Quiet Place” truly shakes audiences to their core giving them a perspective of fear unlike any other experienced in horror movies.

John Krasinski, known for his role as Jim Halpert on “The Office” directs and takes on the starring role in this film.

Silence is all the audience hears, and if you were as lucky as I was, you also got to hear the opening of candy wrappers and the rustling of hands in popcorn as the opening scene presents a family scavenging through an abandoned supermarket.

The three young children in this family begin to communicate in sign language as the mother-father duo in the movie Lee and Evelyn Abbott, as played by real life married couple Krasinski and Emily Blunt, began to do the same in response.

The youngest of the children, no older than the age of five, finds interest in a battery operated toy he finds which immediately causes alarm but the audience still doesn’t know why they are staying quiet.

This toy leads us to one of the saddest scenes in the film, in which we find out just what happens when you make too much noise.

After the opening scene, the time jumps one year ahead as the audience is introduced to the now family of four in a cozy farmhouse where Evelyn is ready to give birth to another child.

Lee begins to teach his son Marcus (Noah Jupe) how to take care of everything on the farm.

The daughter , Regan (Millicent Simmonds), who is a deaf actor playing a deaf character in the film, begins going through her rebellious teen years including, but not limited to, openly hating and disobeying her parents.

The Abbott family has to maintain life without sound to live in their quiet place without the risk of losing their lives.

The way the family has adapted to complete silence is amazing. The things Lee Abbott does to make things manageable for his family in a place where noise inevitably brings about death, shows family devotion.

The movie overall presents many great ideas that really make audiences think about what they would do in this situation. If each viewer was a character in this situation how would they handle a situation such as this.

When directing this movie Krasinski had it in mind to make it centered around family. This film has its heartfelt moments because of this aspect. Fear is like no other when loved ones are involved.

The entire movie sends chills down spines and makes viewers wonder that if they make any sound in the theater they may be caught.

Anyone interested in a horror movie that is not only interested in the thrill and fear aspects that are present in this genre, will feel changed after this film.

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