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Girls to the front at Localchella

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By Imari Rede
Illustration by Rocio Macias

Kali Uchis and Princess Nokia are two stand out musicians from this year’s Coachella lineup who will also be performing in what locals call “Localchella.”

According to Coachella’s promoter Goldenvoice, artists from the Coachella lineup will be performing at various venues in cities from Los Angeles to Palm Desert. This is perfect for people looking for a more intimate experience with one of their favorite artists.

Kali Uchis and Princess Nokia are Latina artists that have come a long way to be where they are in the music industry today. They inspire young women everywhere to unapologetically be who they are.

Princess Nokia is a bisexual Afro-Latina from the streets of Harlem.

Through her hip-hop music, she works to represent a spectrum of women from people who might call themselves a “Tomboy” to all of the “Brujas”  and everyone in between.

Her feminist rap music and ’90s style has made a positive impression on her young fans and they want more.

Princess Nokia currently runs a Beats 1 radio show called “The Voices in my Head” where she talks about her favorite artists from different genres, art and her life through the songs that fit her theme of each show.

She is also a founder of the Smart Girls Club, a community organization that teaches marginalized communities about feminism.

“It’s saying that whether you like it or not, we’re gonna be represented, we’re gonna demand respect, we’re gonna counteract negligence with our presence, we’re gonna create tools of awareness and protection for sisterhood, for education, and for better ways to navigate our lives. It’s our goal,” Nokia said in an interview with Vice.

Princess Nokia is set to perform at the Observatory in Santa Ana on April 12.

If feminist rap isn’t your tasa de cafecito, sírvete un poco de Kali Uchis.

Uchis is a Colombian-American artist, songwriter, producer and fashion designer who began recording covers in her bedroom but has now collaborated with artists like Gorillaz, Jorja Smith and Juanes.

Her most recent collaboration with Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins, “After the Storm,” has big news surrounding it. On March 25, Uchis said that it is her first gold single.

“Gracias a todos por hacer de este proyecto algo que nunca pude imaginar!!! Colombia te amo tanto,” Uchis said in an Instagram post.

She continued to thank everyone who had helped with the project that was beyond her own imagination and she shared that pride and love with Colombia too.

Her new album “Isolation” comes out April 6. Uchis will be performing a sold out show along with Cuco at The Novo in Los Angeles on April 10.

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