Dynamic women take center stage

By Emma Carlsen
Women in the workplace-7

Six women from different career fields gathered in the Charles A. Kane Building to answer questions from staff and students March 8. IMAGE COURTESY OF Sotheara Ly

One common theme often mentioned to students seeking career advice is the need to be adaptable.

Being able to react and change to fit situations appears to be a trait that employers look for across fields.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Riverside City College’s Counseling Center set out to feature a diverse group of women in the “Dynamic Women in the Workplace” career panel on March 8.

Six women from different career fields gathered in the Charles A. Kane Building to answer questions from staff and students about their path to their career.

“It was inspiring,” RCC student Kapree Wiekamp said. “The panel offered a lot of information to help me make career choices.”

Speakers included Deputy Sheriff Candace Sanchez, real estate broker Erika Johnson, registered nurse Jovon Ramsey, Corporal Coroner Rachel Baker, Tupac Shakur’s former lawyer La’Chelle Woodert and RCC counselor Zina Chacon.

“This panel was important because it helps students with career exploration, which is important and overlooked,” Monique Greene, career center coordinator, said. “To see yourself reflected in the field is very empowering.”

Providing stories and expertise, each panelist offered personal and professional advice to RCC students in regards to finding the right employer fit for students. Each woman was asked what their best advice was for preparing their career. 

“Do your research,” Sanchez said. “Find an agency that fits you.”

As the women speaking in the panel had unique backgrounds, their advice was helpful to students across areas of study.

“The speakers provided valuable information to help me do further research,” Wiekamp said.

The panel was organized to help students gain the skills and connections needed to gain a job in their desired career.

“It helps students that don’t have the resources to connect with people in their fields,” Rebecca Faircloth, an EOPS/CARE specialist, said.

Speakers said they were glad to participate and offer tips to the next generation of workers. 

“I loved it,” Johnson said. “It was nice to see not only women, but also men in here coming to better themselves. It’s important.”

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