Theater Review: Rock out with Jesus Christ

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Imari Rede
Performance Riverside’s production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” will give you a new perspective of who Jesus really was. (Viewpoints | Geovanny Guzman)

Trying not to fidget while sitting in a dusty church dressed in your steam pressed Sunday’s best, and singing hymns about Jesus. Not that appealing, right?

Performance Riverside’s production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” will give you a new perspective of who Jesus really was.

“The story is really fascinating,” said Daniel Berlin who plays Annas. “It’s not the normal way you learn about the last days of Jesus Christ.”

The characters are based off of people from the Bible who have dynamic traits.

“There is a lot of weight that goes into playing Jesus (such as) the emotions, the context,” said Nicholas Sloan who plays Jesus Christ.

The cast shows the audience every internal and external battle of the production with ease while hitting all the high notes.

The cast and crew members are more than ecstatic to get on stage and show off all that they’ve got.

“This is my all time favorite production. I used to listen to a recording on vinyl as a kid,” said Will Hues who plays Peter.

He and other cast members know this musical as a staple in the musical theater world and are honored to be a part of a professional production such as what Performance Riverside is bringing to the stage.

“This is my first professional play,” said Riverside City College theater major Nayoko Edwards. “It’s really organized, nothing like high school [theater].”

Audiences will be entertained by highly skilled performers including those down in orchestra pit.

“It’s really exciting to have live theater in Riverside and be a part of it,” said Krystin Cowan, who plays bass in the orchestra.

The entire set was constructed by two members of the theater department staff, Jason Graham and Raymond Couture. 

“The RCC community has a chance to see live, professional theater, there’s no reason to not come,” said assistant theater professor Nathaneal Johnson.

The musical runs from Feb. 9 – 18 in the Landis Performing Arts Center at RCC. For tickets, visit


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  1. This play is a must see, I don’t usually post, but this performance is awesome!

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