Advice Column: Don’t be sorry, just ask Imari

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By Imari Rede

“I failed my math class already. It’s human, we aren’t perfect but how do I cope?”  -Mary Gracia

As individuals we each have our own fortes, and sometimes math isn’t one of them! The number one thing you have to do is seperate your worth from that grade.You’re still a very strong and capable person. Take it as it is and come back swinging next semester to pass that class. Evaluate yourself and regulate yourself to handle business!

“What are some study resources that I can find on campus – specifically math?” -Jessica Sanchez

You can always ask your math professor for some help or access to other resources. The Math Learning Center located in MLK 307 and 308 provides computers, books and tutors for the following classes: Math 65 – 1C. Fall 2017 hours are Monday – Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  and Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Do you think living with your partner before marriage is better… will it help or make more problems and conflicts?” -Alexis Morales

Roommates are hard to find, so now imagine your partner as your roommate.

Are they prepared to meet you halfway?

Living together is stressful, especially in this economy.

You’ll have to think about getting rent and all of your other bills paid.

Hopefully you’ll still have enough money to eat everyday too.

If you can’t make all of that work before being married is it really going to make a difference?

Relationships thrive in positive environments so build that nest and get married when you honestly know it is the right time.

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