Month: October 2017

Opinion: America doesn’t take care of their own

By Kevin Knox In all the years I have followed American politics I have experienced many events that can only be accurately described as “aneurysm-inducing.” Ever since the 2016 presidential election began, these events have begun to occur more frequently and much more rapidly. Late September, I was forced to endure yet another aneurysm courtesy

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Vic Viramontes takes the lead

By Cameron Winston There is an unheralded superstar in the making who has had the Tigers rolling through what has been, so far, an undefeated season. Riverside City College football is known around the California Community College Athletic Association as a “ground and pound” football team, and that credit can go to their freshman starting

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Is Riverside City College prepared for a mass shooting?

By Joshua Burciaga Columbine, Fort Hood, Texas, Tucson, Arizona, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando night club and the Las Vegas massacre. These are some of the few mass shootings that have taken place over the past 18 years and it’s difficult to imagine Riverside joining that list anytime soon. However, as these mass

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Advice Column: Dae’s life hacks

By Dae Thomas “I’d like a life hack to juggle time management, to handle work and school simultaneously.” –Hailey Totten This is a really common problem that a lot of people our age struggle with, Hailey. I hear wonderful things about the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, because it gives you a personal voice

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TV Review: ‘Aww geeze, Rick’

By Heidi Dye Well it’s that time again where fans have to say goodbye to the beloved duo Rick and Morty. Don’t worry, as of 2017, “Rick and Morty” has been renewed for a fourth season. After waiting a whopping two years since the end of season two, fans were delivered a gore-filled season three

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